Due diligence

Due diligence test – look before you leap

Although you may not be tying yourself down forever if you want to purchase a company, a careful investigation is still very important. This is especially true at a time when much is being said and written about mergers and acquisitions – or in plain English about buying a company. Due diligence has now become more important.

Due diligence test – good rating = high purchase price?

Maybe, maybe not. Because when checking all the details of a merger, we may discover good arguments for making the whole thing a bit cheaper for you. The value of a business alone does not necessarily determine what you pay. Many sellers have special wishes regarding the succession and are willing to negotiate. Because money is not everything. You are therefore well advised when we advise you. Finally, we are very familiar with the topic of mergers and acquisitions.

Due diligence – due diligence is good, but we can top it

Due diligence is a term used for a number of concepts involving an investigation of either a business or person prior to signing a contract. When evaluating a company you want to buy, you must satisfy this requirement by evaluating and examining the details. But where there is a requirement, there is also a long agenda. Luckily for you, DanRevision has mastered both. Here, you benefit from the ideal combination of auditors, lawyers and tax consultants. This applies not only to Germany. We have many partners in different countries around the world and can advise you regarding the local languages and customs of the respective countries, as only the locals can. But we also speak your language, so you’ll understand everything that’s important – no matter where you want to operate.

Due diligence – keep your eyes open when buying companies…

… Maybe this sounds a bit obvious but it’s true. Maybe the next time you decide to purchase a company you’ll choose DanRevision. Together, we can achieve more than you’ll manage alone. We would like to explain in person what that means in your case specifically and what due diligence will mean for you. It’s best if you contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!